Nov 102012

In Jesus’ Eyes


I’ve seen the mourning of the parents who were dressed in black,

In Jesus' Eyes

In Jesus’ Eyes

upon learning that their enlisted child wasn’t coming back.

I’ve seen the pain of the children when there was no food,

and the anguish of the mother not knowing what to do.

I’ve seen the people with no titles held up in some place,

looking at the cameras with terror on their face.

I’ve seen the child who loved someone when love was not returned,

then grow up to be the same and show off what he learned.

I’ve seen the buildings in the cities placed on privileged land,

become a target of the foe without regard to man.

I’ve seen the water’s biggest threat by giving land a flood,

now the water’s crying out because it turned to blood.

I’ve seen the greedy of mankind put wealth ahead of life,

and witness children who are the ones who have to pay the price.

I feel the pain that’s in my heart when evil’s on the rise,

and want to wipe away the tears that’s in Jesus’ eyes.

Author – Fran Childress

All Rights Reserved

Praying Hands by Albrecht Dürer