Nov 042012
Is heaven in your brain?

Open your mind to the possibility of God and heaven. Photo by chanpipat/

We all question our own demise. It’s human nature to be curious about the fate that’s in store for us. We ponder how we are going to die, we question the possible physical and mental struggles as we enter the last stage of our lives, and most of us fear the afterlife, if there is one. We are ‘thinkers.’

Dr. Eben Alexander, the neurosurgeon who changed his philosophy after encountering his own taste of heaven stirred up the notion of God and heaven in many people. Previously, being the factual person he is, he dismissed heaven, souls and the afterlife. That is until he experienced his own heaven. He documented his journey in his book, “Proof of Heaven,” as a testament to a God and heaven.

Is There a Heaven?

How can a doctor who believes strictly in empirical facts tell us there is a God and there is a heaven?

One idea is that the brain is capable of creating such things. The brain is considered a functioning organ that allows for thought processes. These thought processes are reality, albeit they cannot be proven. Take for example the state of dreaming: The brain shows REM activity on an fMRI test but tests cannot prove the sequences of the actual thoughts.

The Magnet Theory

The brain’s connection to the soul is like a magnet’s connection to energy: A magnet is just a piece of steel but emits energy at all times, a never-ending process. The brain is [a piece of steel] and our souls are [energy]. The magnet is a fact as the brain is a fact. You can see it, touch it but you cannot see or touch the energy it emits. Nor can you see or touch the thought processes.

Now that we can understand a magnet’s ‘energy’ as it is akin to spirits, we can apply the same concept to soul mates. A magnet’s force can either pull items to it or push items away. As in having a soul mate, our energy (thought processes as souls) can connect to other energies. Thus, we are mentally pulling another person into our reality and if the other person is receptive, we have found our soul mate.

The thought processes can make a person believe in anything. Thoughts can be unrealistic, just an internal vision within a person’s mind while appearing as an illusion to others. These visions may be masked as delusions and hallucinations but they are very real to the person experiencing them.

I am not suggesting, nor implying God and heaven are delusions, but merely a creation by the brain allowing for the thought processes of it. The brain activates the possibility of heaven in individuals who are vulnerable to this possibility (open-minded to its possibility), it therefore becomes a reality, created by the brain. It becomes a fact … to them. Conversely, the people who do not entertain the idea of an afterlife may not have ‘activated’ that thought process in the brain, therefore has no reality of it.

Think about the possibilities of a God and heaven. The ‘thinking’ can make it real for you and may ease the fears of afterlife.