Nov 262012
A screaming mind, with silent screams.

Silent screams hidden from others. Photo by Dundee-Photographics/

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Too much going on in your life? So just short of having a melt-down, you hold it all in until you reach the point where it feels like silent screams inside your mind?

Things may not be going right in your life and it’s completely out of your control. You just don’t know what to do or where to turn.

Damage From Silent Screams

The rational thoughts are drowned out by the silent screams as we have trouble gathering them to make any sense. Too many life issues are bombarding our thinking processes, leaving us with discombobulated feelings.

We can’t think straight, so we don’t know what to feel, so we silently scream.

Silently screaming from inside brings immense distress to a person’s inner well-being. It reflects an intrapersonal stress, or imbalance of our mental state. Something is amiss, albeit we may not be able to directly pin-point the problem.

When people feel like their thoughts are scrambled, cannot think straight or have a sense of frustration, many will hide it from others. They may not want to appear weak. This action can be detrimental to their mental health as it piles up incrementally. Finally, it will implode.

This event can be a mental crisis, a mental eruption waiting to happen. It can, and does make a perfectly sane person do things out of character. It changes them.

Screaming silently in our heads may be the only warning that a mental health issue is knocking at our door. It’s the red flag that something needs to change in our lives to gain the inner peace we once had. We can only take so much before our minds, and our bodies give in to stress.

Peace From Silent Screams

The first step is to just stop everything. Stop trying to be perfect, stop over-analyzing, stop the need to get everything done … just stop thinking. Give your mind respite. Think of it as a ‘starting over’ thinking process. Erase all the negativity in your thoughts and allow a ‘reboot’ to happen.

Doing this will clear your mind so you can begin to think clearly.

Now, identify what is making you silently scream. Do you have relationship troubles, too many bills or just need a break from the kids? Every person has unique troubles, none of which are trivial. Don’t disregard your inner struggles as miniscule, even the small things cause distress.

Once you identify the stressor, you have to begin to remove it. Eliminating stress is usually a gradual process, it takes time. Some call it ‘baby steps’ towards a specific goal but with each baby step you take, the relief is immense.

There are times when individuals need help in eliminating stress. There is no shame in this. But again, the first step needs to be taken. Talk to your doctor if you need help with this first step. Silent screams are an indicator that a change must happen.

Something has got to give, don’t let it be your mental health.