Dec 022012
Funny Walmart people

Those funny Walmart people could be your mother, grandfather or child. Maybe even you. Photo by renjith krishnan/

Most people using the social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter have come across the pictures of those ‘funny Walmart shoppers.’ Those pictures are everywhere!

You know the ones, where the photo clearly shows people who shouldn’t be out in public dressed like that. Pictures of obese women bulging out of their shirts, older men wearing high heels and people prancing around in clothes that are obviously not fit for public viewing are making its way around the virtual world.

People think seeing those funny Walmart people shopping looking like that is hilarious, cracks them up.

It must make them feel better about themselves to see other people who are worse off than they are. Those people are the ones on a lower social stratus level, which makes so many people happy. And they laugh.

I’m not laughing.

I see mental illnesses, I see poverty. I see the homeless, I see residual abuse victims and I see vulnerable people who were left behind, forgotten about.

I see an obese woman who can’t afford to buy larger clothes so she has to wear what’s in her closet. Maybe she doesn’t have a full-length mirror to see what she looks like from behind. I see her being depressed with her life and losing interest in her personal health.

I see a delusional elderly man wearing stilettos. Obviously, he is not a drag queen as his shoes don’t match his clothes. Maybe it’s because his medications need to be adjusted and there is nobody to check on him. Or it’s possible that he had to cut his prescriptions in half because he couldn’t afford them, rendering him incapable of making good judgments. He probably feels lucky to even find shoes to wear in public.

I see neglected people needing attention. These are the people who purposely go out in public looking different than the social norm. They crave attention, any attention. They are the ones who have been hurt in some way so they do whatever they can to be noticed. They want to be validated as a person, even if it’s in a negative way. They will settle for negative attention.

And what about the photo being shared of an elderly, naked woman walking in a parking lot with a see-through rain coat? Yeah, that’s real funny; “funny, fat and naked older lady who thinks she is properly dressed but is wearing only a plastic rain coat that’s see-through.” Think that’s funny?

What if that was your mother.

Not so funny now

But you know, I also wonder about the person who ‘took’ that picture. And I wonder about the insensitive people who took pictures of the funny Walmart people and posted them on social networking sites for others to laugh at.

Where is their compassion? Where is their respect for the vulnerable populations? Why do they laugh at other people’s misfortune?

Apparently, I don’t see those funny Walmart people as funny. Not in the least bit.

I (hesitantly) included a link to these photos. Not for you to laugh at, but for you to look at these people again, but with a different perspective. With each picture, try to figure out what their situation is instead of laughing at them. Note that this source is from a news channel in Atlanta, that in and of itself is sad.

Funny to freaky; See the People of Walmart