Jan 222013
Unhealthy lifestyles

Individuals would rather pay money than to change their unhealthy lifestyle. Ambro/freedigitalphotos.com

Relying on a doctor for good health instead of changing an unhealthy lifestyle appears to have become the norm in our society.

Bob takes his daily maintenance pill to lower his cholesterol. His wife, Mary pulls out a diet soda from the refrigerator thinking she’s doing her part to lose weight. Her doctor tells her she is in the obese category. She is at risk for diabetes.

Bob and Mary’s kids are playing online video games while snacking on fast foods. This is the typical American family life.

We have come to the point in our society that we can do whatever we want, eat whatever we want and not worry about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an unhealthy lifestyle. We don’t have to monitor our choices. We can eat junk foods or sit on the couch watching television for hours at a time.

If a problem does arise, the doctor will give us a pill for it. A pill to lower cholesterol or prescribed insulin shots to fix the consequences of our poor choices.

We let the doctors worry about our over-all health, that’s their job. Most of us are guilty of this.

It is time we take on ‘personal responsibility’ and take a good look on how we are living. Our choices in sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles are rendering us with physical and emotional problems, and we look to the doctor to fix it.

While some individuals do require a maintenance program for legitimate medical needs, most of us do not. It is the lifestyle choices that we make that is detrimental to our health. We tend to blame our medical misfortunes on the all too familiar ‘it runs in the family’ excuse.

Dynamics of the unhealthy lifestyle

If you were raised in a home where it is normal to be inactive, it is not a biological matter but a generational issue. If you were raised eating greasy hamburgers and french fries frequently, chances are the whole family will have high cholesterol, including you. So while it may appear to be a genetic family ‘thing,’ it is actually the environmental influences. These are the things we learn from our home environment and it’s not a valid excuse.

It is so easy to shift blame to our family genes, then rely on the doctors to fix us.

Our rewards are killing us!

We ‘reward’ our hard work (real or imagined) by allowing what we perceive as little luxuries. These luxuries include unhealthy foods/snacks and time in front of the television doing nothing. We deserve this down time because we worked hard all day. Unfortunately, this down time increases and ends up an unhealthy lifestyle.

Our American culture has become too dependent on medical interventions. Apparently, we would rather pay the high price of medical care instead of changing our unhealthy lifestyle.

Daily medications or change your lifestyle, your choice.

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