Feb 102013

Do you feel like you’re at a complete stop in life, like you have a looming curse? Nothing is progressing as you would like it to? Maybe you can’t save any money or got passed over for that job promotion. It may not be your innate ability (or lack thereof) but your inner emotions that are bringing you down.


The way we think determines many things. Our emotions play a part in the way we think. Emotions put either positive or negative cognitive (thinking) processes in our heads that direct us to what we do, how we do it and when. It is our perception of these internal and external factors that can either move us forward, and more often than not … backwards.

Huh? What does that mean?

Simply put, we do stupid things because of our emotions. Anger, sadness, loneliness are just a few emotions that make us do stupid things. It’s almost like we do stupid things to ‘save face’ or make us feel better. Those stupid little things costs us money or damper a relationship and whether we admit to it or not … it could stop us from moving up the ladder at work.

Curse of emotions explained

There are numerous emotions that guide our behavior. While there is a difference in the definitions of emotions and feelings, they are usually interchangeable. Feelings are subjective personal experiences, whereas emotions are more on a broad scale. Even the professionals get these mixed up, so I will keep it simple.

We can get mad at something or somebody and we react negatively disregarding any consequences. For example, we get mad at our spouse and do things in spite. These spiteful things can either cost money or put a hardship on the relationship. That anger emotion turns to spiteful actions, which in turn can be a barrier for monetary or relational progress.

Let’s say you bought your boyfriend an expensive beautiful shirt (or any other gift). You thought he would look good in it and wanted him to wear it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like it as well as you so he doesn’t wear it and it hangs in the back of the closet.

First of all, that was money wasted because ‘you’ liked it and bought it, not him. You ‘thought’ he would look good in it, a possible selfish act for your visual pleasure. You ‘wanted’ him to wear it.

Secondly, now you feel ‘bad’ because he doesn’t like it. That bad feeling may turn into a negative emotion such as anger. That anger will confuse your rational thinking and you may eventually end up giving the shirt to someone else, or worse … depending on your anger, ruin the shirt. A very expensive shirt ruined, money wasted.

Sound familiar?

Emotions affect everyone, including me. Being a writer I know the hot topics that will generate hits from readers (hits equal money). But I purposely avoid writing about certain things.

The relationship topic of Rihanna and Chris Brown is only one hot topic that I avoid. I just cannot pen an article on their reunion. I feel glorifying that ‘love’ can overcome violent tendencies may encourage victims to stay in abusive relationships. While it is possible, it is not common. They may have love (emotion) but they bring out the worst in each other.

So, I lose money as my personal feelings (emotions) on the subject affects my writing or my avoidance on this hot topic. My emotions stop my monetary gain. This is my own personal, emotional barrier.

We all react to how we feel. Our perception of things (internal and external) determines our emotions. Our emotions do damage.

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