Jun 072013
Mature or immature

Are you mature? Or do you feel entitled and special? Courtesy image by sattva/freedigitalphotos.net

Becoming mature is the evanescent of childlike behavior. It gradually happens and before we know it, we are responsible adults!

When we aren’t busy with the kids or work, we stop and contemplate “how did that happen?! When did that happen?!”

We leave behind us the childish mind games along with the high school drama. We learn not to expect entitlements or favors.

We know we need to be accountable for our actions, that’s part of being a mature adult.

Sometimes though, maturity is delayed in certain people. It takes some individuals longer to mature than it takes others, but they get there eventually.

While others, well … they never quite make it. They refuse to give up their tiara.

These self-proclaimed princesses want the praise and pampering of childhood to continue into adulthood. They want everyone around them to treat them the way they are accustomed to.

They want all the entitlements and favors given to them without earning it and they expect it, from everyone. They truly think they are deserving.

Tiara adults are the ones whose parents did not prepare them for the real world. They grew up to believe that whatever they did or didn’t do, they were going to be praised for it. They were given rewards for undeserving tasks which led to a false sense of entitlement and favor; resulting in adult immaturity and possibly narcissistic behavior.

Tiara adults mature at a price

The little princesses (and princes) grow up not prepared for the real world.

Once they realize they’re not going to get the special treatment from others, their world may be shattered. They think nobody ‘likes’ them, everyone is rude or people are jealous of them.

Subsequently, they become defensive and depending on personality traits, they may even become spiteful towards the non-conforming people (the people who don’t treat them special).

Alas, this spite reverts back to the childish ways of mind games and high school drama. As adults, this behavior can be manipulative or controlling and the shocking reality could even leave them clinically depressed or distrustful of others.

Do you know of anyone who fits this description?

Are you still wearing your tiara?