Jul 242013
Submissive kiss

Wives’ submissive behaviors are varied and subtle. Photo by David Castillo Dominici/freedigitalphotos.net

Do wives intentionally withhold their intellectual knowledge to boost or feed into their husbands’ egos?

Are you intellectually submissive to your husband?

Wives learn to purposely cower to the intellectual decisions of their husbands (or partners). They intentionally keep quiet at times or guide their husbands to the answers so it appears their husbands are intellectually ‘smarter’ than they are.

Why do they do that?

This intellectual submissiveness may be ominous remnants of the Christian doctrine. The Bible states a wife is to be submissive to her husband. There are numerous biblical entries directing the wife to be a subordinate to her husband as he is the head of the household. The scriptures gave these instructions which were relevant to the societal culture – for that time.

The husband was the one to openly learn in public while the wife was to be silent in learning. The head [leader] of the woman was the man. This societal acceptance may have suppressed the wife’s ability to gain knowledge, hence the archaic intellectual barrier.

Are women still learning in silence? No. Then why are they still boosting their husbands egos?

One interpretation of the submissiveness of wives

Males typically have more testosterone than females giving them more muscle strength. Their endurance for hard labor typically surpassed the females’ capabilities. With this understanding, a husband was expected to protect and do the ‘bull work’ for the wife, anecdotal of the ‘hunter-gatherer’ subsistence.

Thus, the female would have to be partially dependent on the male for survival to protect her from harm. She would be under his care to survive; being under someone’s care to live includes submissive behavior.

For example: If a wild animal was attacking the family, the husband would give orders to the wife to keep her safe from harm. That’s submissive behavior to survive.

Society has evolved in which the intellectual and submissive behaviors are no longer valid or needed. Therefore, the wives have no reason to be intellectually submissive to their husbands other than to boost their egos.

*Some women ‘play dumb’ as a tactic for manipulation, but that’s another article …