Jul 012013
DNA baby foot

Could infants be subject to mandated DNA collections in the future? Photo by Kookkai_nak/freedigitalphotos.net

With all the modern technology and ‘big brother’ watching us, it might come to pass that our great-grandchildren or possibly our grandchildren will be mandated to submit to a collection of DNA at the time of birth. With everything changing (and changing fast), we cannot dismiss this possibility. This is a very real possibility.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t have a social security (SS) number. Nope, that was for ‘grown ups.’ My generation didn’t require one until we became employed. It was only when I began working that I went down to the SS Office and applied for one. That’s when I finally felt like a ‘grown up.’ Can you imagine an adult applying for a social security number now?

Years ago, we didn’t have big brother hovering over us either. We can look up our parcel of land and homes on the Internet and actually see our automobiles sitting in the driveway. What else is visually available and who has access to that?

Senate OKs mandatory DNA Testing bill

Other outlandish things that used to appear far-fetched to me has materialized in my lifetime. My mother warned me.

My mother had insight far beyond the average person. She told me when I was a young adult that she believed those ‘satellites’ in the sky would eventually ‘spy’ on us. I just thought she was being facetious or a tad bit paranoid.

But she was right about that and now that I’m a ‘grown up,’ I realize she was right about a lot more of her futuristic predictions.

So maybe I am like my mother in thinking a mandated DNA collection at the time of birth is inevitable. Or it could be I am a tad bit paranoid.

Who else sees this coming?