Jul 162013
Amy sarcastic emotions

Disconnect the emotions that bring you down. Photo by Fran Childress

Emotions play a huge role in our daily lives, albeit behind the scenes and sometimes out of our complete awareness. These emotions can direct us to positive outcomes but then … well, then there are times our emotions can stagnate us, stop us from growing and put terrible ideas in our heads. This is when we need to disconnect from our negative emotions to stop a downward spiral.

Emotions differ from feelings as they are psychologically influenced, whereas feelings can be external but expressed by the verbiage ‘feel.’ Think of being physically hot or cold, those are actual tactile feelings. So we borrow that expression (“I feel … “) to state how we feel on the inside, such as “I feel loved.” We don’t say “I emotion loved.”

Difference Between Emotions and Feelings

I’m going to use ’emotion’ and ‘feeling’ interchangeably but it’s good to know the subtle difference.

Emotions dictate not only what we are thinking about, but also our actions and behaviors. Let’s say you are angry at someone; that anger will surface when you interact with that person through words or body language. It will also surface every time you think of that person. The anger lingers in your mind.

Another example could be you may feel sad over a broken relationship and head right for the refrigerator (emotional eater). That inner emotion brings a negativity to your life.

When things don’t go our way, our emotions take over and make us do things we are not proud of. So if we can identify the negative emotions and disconnect from them, we stand a better chance at improving our mental and physical health.

Learn how to disconnect emotions

This is tricky. Each individual is different so what will work for one person may not work on another person. But the bottom line is to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Instead of mulling over the painful, negative emotion(s), switch your thoughts to ideas to be more productive (or to make it better).

“Easier said than done!”

You may be thinking right about now “easier said than done.” That is a negative thought in and of itself. While it may be easier ‘said,’ it can be done. You need to be aware of the path your thoughts are taking you and redirect them in a positive way such as thinking “How can I make this better?”

I am not saying to go into denial by disconnecting emotions. Denial is not considered a healthy way to deal with issues. Disconnecting negative emotions is not suppressing them (denial), is it redirecting them so they don’t control you.

Remember; the more mad you get, the less control you have. Don’t let others control you by being their emotional puppet … but that’s another article.