Sep 012013
The Bible tells me so

The Bible tells me so. Photo by Arvind Balaraman/

Would you believe in God if there was no Bible?

The Christian Bible, or actually any other bible is the foundation of what individuals spiritually believe. Their faith in a certain religion is guided by the written Word and ultimately shaped by the interpretations of the generations before them.

Bible verses and parables can be ambiguous leaving the reader to surmise an interpretation of their own. But many people just adopt the meaning from others. They accept a truth as long as the majority of the people around them accepts it. Usually, they don’t understand the verses so they just ‘go with the flow’ and believe what they are told to believe. They may not have the initiative to form their own spiritual relationship with God.

People need to ponder their own beliefs to be sincere in their faith. This journey may start with an internal understanding of God before being told what to believe. The written Word can be used as an instructional manual in life but if a person questions the very existence of God, the divine counsel is irrelevant.

In this event, they just ‘pretend’ and play the religious game. They go through life thinking they know God (and Jesus) on the same level as everyone else. Unfortunately, they become religiously trained.

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The awe of our existence may be explained by science but created by a supreme being.

I don’t believe in God because of the Bible, I believe in the Bible because of God.

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