Oct 242013
Poor grammar skills on social media sites

Tolerating poor grammar and spelling errors is easier when you understand the barriers. Photo by Ambro/freedigitalphotos.net

You know those annoying people who can’t spell or have poor grammar skills? Yeah, you know the ones; the same ones who excel at other things that confuse the rest of us. They are the handy people who can disassemble an engine and put it back together again, with no extra parts.

Or the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

Not everyone can be proficient in grammar and spelling.

Poor grammar doesn’t suggest stupidity


Although, when I read material from credible or paid sources, I expect professionalism. If I see a grammar or spelling error, I will usually click out and disregard the information. It’s those sloppy sites that should have editors proof-reading the articles before publishing. If it contains poor grammar or spelling errors, it’s not worth my time to read.

Not so with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Most people are not authors and are literary inept at articulating their thoughts clearly. Some individuals (like me) have a circuitous time even jotting down thoughts. It takes me twice as long to write an article compared with the other writers.

It’s not my fault I am slow, nor is it the average person’s fault they are not writers with poor grammar and spelling errors.

People with poor grammar skills have every right to express themselves as people with impeccable writing skills. They may have come from a poor and/or uneducated home environment which could have limited their grammar skills.

The same goes for people with spelling difficulty. They may have dyslexia or had limited education opportunities.

Is that their fault?

We fail to realize that not everybody can be an expert in the English language for various reasons. Hence, the poor grammar and spelling deficits are not necessarily choices made by these people.

Understand people have barriers, don’t judge them by their inept literary skills. Be thankful all people have the opportunity to express themselves through the various social media sites. We can still learn from their talents such as automotive care or making candles.

Irregardless, I could care less if pacific people think grammer is of upmost importance. Its alot of nonsence to worry about. I’ll just drink my expresso after I consulted a supposably grammar nazi who thinks there better then me since they write good. They be judging me, I seen it time and time again.

I am going to lay down now. I’m nauseous from thinking to hard.