Nov 292013
Gold digger exposed double standards

Gold digger exposes double standards in our society. Photo by imagerymajestic/

YouTube contributor Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (VitalyzdTv) is a comedian. He posts various videos of his self-proclaimed “wonderful ideas.”

Recently, he posted an interesting video of an apparent ‘gold digger.’ The main focus of this particular novella was to point out the ‘gold digger’ behaviors of women.

Gold digger: A person interested in monetary gain from a relationship.

The targeted woman did not show interest in him until she noticed the upscale car he drove. It’s clearly a blatant ‘gold digger’ attitude from the way she suddenly becomes interested in a date with him.

But unfortunately, the video also exposes the double standards and bigotry that’s all to common in our society.

VitalysdTv did an excellent job in his video presentation as both his title and verbal communication to the unsuspecting woman draws out the ‘gold digger’ in her. But what he fails to point out is the sexist double standard, which is clear and blatant as is her materialistic behavior.

In the beginning of the video (see video below), he approached her as she walked past him. His first words were “what’s up, cutie.” He goes on to say he was ‘looking’ at her and thought she was pretty. He then asked for her number. When she was hesitant, he proceeded to say “let’s go out to dinner.”

Still she didn’t bite and appeared not interested in him, so he boldly walked over to his expensive wheels as it was an inducement. It was at that time the woman noticed his fancy car and suddenly became interested in him. Obvious ‘gold digger’ behavior. Subsequently, he changed his attitude and told her “too bad, I don’t like gold diggers.”

Well, well. If that’s not a double standard from a male bigoted perspective!

He failed. The video failed. To the untrained dogmatic ‘eye,’ this would suggest the woman is the only social culprit in the video. Mission accomplished. But while he focused his video on the woman’s behavior, he failed to notice his own unscrupulous behavior.

“Hey, cutie!” This statement is sexist. This greeting shows a man’s interest is only on the attractiveness or appearance of the female. Did he miss that? The paradoxical salutation is focused on her ‘prettiness.’ His interest in her is solely on her appearance, similar to her interest in his fancy car.

So while he is defaming the ‘gold digger’ in the video, he misses his own bigotry.

Tit for tat. Lust and greed are ‘two peas in a pod.’

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