Dec 202013
Phil Robertson 'The Duck Commander' Facebook page profile photo

Phil Robertson ‘The Duck Commander’ Facebook page profile photo

There are numerous articles putting assumptions in the comments from “Duck Dynasty” Phil Robertson during the GQ’s interview. These articles are blatantly stating Robertson is a homophobic racist from his chosen words.

The media is calling Robertson a ‘hypocrite’ and ‘bigot’ but those labels can be effaced. A bigot is a person who has a ‘strong and unfair’ dislike towards others who are different. Robertson’s comments do not reflect a dislike towards any person, just the sin itself.

A hypocrite is a person who claims to have a certain belief but behaves in an opposing manner. Robertson was steadfast with his beliefs, according to the GQ comments taken from the interview.

Phil Robertson did not appear to be spewing hate towards gays nor did he say anything about the Jim Crow laws. He quoted the Bible, shared his past experiences and offered his preferences without hatred and hypocrisy.

Granted, the public does not know exactly what was said other than what the frenzied media has offered from the snippets from GQ. Additionally, the written comments lack body language, verbal cues and inflection. That important part of the communication is missing which could distort the intended meaning.

Phil Robertson emulates a conservative Christian. A&E representatives knew this when they hired him and have censored his reality show. Therefore, the outcome of an interview with a conservative Christian should have been expected. He could have been considered a bigot if he acted any other way.

The media stated he linked homosexuality with bestiality but in actuality, the Bible considers both sins so the link was previously in the Bible before Robertson mentioned them in the ‘same sentence.’ There are other ‘sins’ mentioned so one should not think Robertson came up with the comparisons himself. The assuming ‘anti-gay’ comments are grounded in his beliefs direct from the Bible, not from hate speech.

“… sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers…” excerpt from Corinthians 6:9-11

Additionally, Robertson’s emphasized his preference for female anatomy over male anatomy. At that time, he added “but that’s just me.” It should be noted preferences do not necessarily suggest a person is homophobic or heteraphobic.

 Stand With Phil Robertson

To accuse Robertson of picking and choosing which verse to preach is irrelevant. He is a Christian, a Christian follows Christ. Jesus taught his followers to ‘love thy neighbor’ and ‘cast the first stone’ only if one is sinless (according to [New Testament] Christianity, no one is without sin).

Therefore, when it is mentioned to ‘stone’ the sinners in the same context as the sins are mentioned, a Christian would disregard the stoning reference as Jesus taught them, but still acknowledge the sin.

Robertson’s interview also included discussion of his past. He shared his experiences picking cotton in the south with the ‘blacks.’ He believes the ‘blacks’ he encountered were godly, therefore they were happy. He associated this happiness with the presence of God, not with the Jim Crow laws. That belief is not racist.

Thus, this man does not appear to be racist, nor a homophobe from his comments. He is practicing his religion as a faithful servant of the Lord. Only if he pushes his beliefs on others by picketing funerals or verbally abusing others, then his actions should have consequences. Until then, let the man live his life as he sees fit.

Ultimately, there are countless Christians who believe his comments are ignorant, but he is entitled to interpret the Bible passages as he chooses.