Jan 262014
Sigmund Freud

Not everybody agrees with Sigmund Freud.

Ask most people who they think the founder of psychology is and they will answer Sigmund Freud. I have a huge problem with this. He was not the founder but a common theorist with extreme views.

I admit, I do give him credit for his theory of defensive mechanisms of denial but I disregard his other theories and I totally disregard (and laugh at) his psychosexual theories as hogwash. People actually believe this stuff?

For whatever reason, Freud had an unusual interest in sexual desires which he believed influenced social behaviors. I do not share this interest nor have I witnessed other individuals whose sexual desires trump other inner needs such as … let’s say hunger, emotional bonding and maybe shelter? It is believed (from Freud) sexual desires drive our primate yearnings which promotes our behaviors and beliefs.

While I was taking psychology classes, certain tests were given with questions regarding who is the most/best/intelligent/founding father of psychology with the most impact on our intrapersonal understandings in psychology. The correct answer on the tests was Sigmund Freud according to the professors, but I refused to answer him as such (avoiding cognitive dissonance?). I will not be brainwashed by the experts who themselves were brainwashed. I knew my answers would be marked as wrong, but I cannot agree to something I don’t believe in.

A psychology expert can tell me what the theories are and I will form my own beliefs thereof. I believe the exclusive focus on sexual behaviors and desires are overrated which may be causing damage to our present day understandings in psychology. It definitely hinders the growth in psyche understanding by leading us astray.

While we were doting on the sexual side of psychology, we lost the opportunity to delve into the more important influences of self-awareness and development. It is just one person’s thought (Freud’s)  that another person can be stuck orally from an issue in childhood resulting in fixation issues in adulthood. One person’s thought many people adopted as fact.

I proclaim ‘pleasure’ trumps ‘control’ in sexual activities, then. That’s my thought!

Freud was the first to address the controversial and taboo topic but that does not ‘in and of itself’ give it credentials. Individuals were ignorant of sexual influences back in the 1800s thus accepting his beliefs as fact, they were more or less brainwashed into thinking his thinking was normal. I totally disagree.

I am not saying we should dismiss all sexual influences but merely stating the erroneous emphasis put on it should be lessened. Therefore, if you are one of the few who is disinterested in ‘shades of grey’ ideas, don’t think you are abnormal as many individuals are right there with you. Not all people prefer sexual deviances.

By the way, it was actually Wilhelm Wundt who opened the first psychological laboratory in Germany (1879) which makes him the true founding father of psychology.

Sigmund Freud’s 5 Stages of Psychosexual Development