Feb 152014

Reincarnation is a controversial topic. Photo by Evgeni Dinev/freedigitalphotos.net

Reincarnation stories have surfaced about children and adults recalling ‘past life’ experiences they could not have possibly known otherwise. While these stories are convincing and intriguing, many people still struggle with the idea of reincarnation. Nevertheless, there may be an underlying scientific explanation to the reincarnation claims.

Reincarnation of James and Shanti

One popular reincarnation story is about a boy named James who alleges he is a reincarnation of a WWII pilot who perished in the Pacific Ocean. At the age of two, James began having night terrors of being trapped in a plane after it was shot down (read full reincarnation story here).

Another widely known story is about an Indian girl named Shanti Devi who claimed to be a reincarnation of a young mother who died giving birth. Her accounts were credible and accurate.

These reincarnation stories along with numerous other stories, are astonishing giving individuals the possibility of its validity.

How Reincarnation Memories Are Possible

A recent study was done on mice which suggested memories can be passed down in generations. The adult mice studied were exposed to a certain aroma while given a mild electrical shock on the foot (classical conditioning). After the mice were conditioned to be fearful of that specific aroma, they were impregnated to have offspring. These offspring were not involved in the experiment but also appeared to be fearful of the same aroma as their parents. Surprisingly, the offspring inherited the psychological fear albeit they were not participants in the study.

Therefore, the psychological experience has a biological influence within the DNA. We can understand this concept by the ‘fight or flight’ response: A sudden fear or traumatic event can promote hormones to activate within the human body. This happening links the psychological to biological factors and is empirical evidence (measurable).

Individuals can have a traumatic experience which in turn, influences biological changes that may be identified in the DNA, but what we cannot prove in humans is that these biological changes (i.e. memories) can be passed on to the next generations.

Previous ‘lives’ or deceased individuals may have subtly passed on DNA fragments through many hosts; people sneeze, cough and come in contact with many other people including strangers (think of someone sneezing while on a bus or plane). We cannot disprove this transference.

Given that I’m neither a medical professional nor a scientist, my thoughts are naïve and simplistic. Having said that, it is my personal belief the deceased person’s DNA somehow was passed down through the generations. Subsequently, these altered DNA of memories (fearful mice) can show up in future generations, see where I’m going with this?

My theory: Memories are be embedded within the DNA re-surfacing in unsuspecting individuals, hence the reincarnation beliefs.