May 162014
Atlanta woman with massive tumor

Atlanta woman with massive tumor, WSB TV 2 screenshot

A 59-year-old woman was refused treatment for a benign, massive tumor in not one but four different hospitals. The tumor had wrapped around her ovaries and became so huge, she looked as if she were nine months pregnant.

The reason she was refused help? She wasn’t worthy. The reason she wasn’t worthy? She didn’t have health insurance.

Massive tumor not worthy of treatment

Doris Lewis is a grandmother living in Atlanta, Ga. and after her husband died a few years ago she was left alone. She did not have health insurance and told Action News Channel 2 she recently tried to apply for the “affordable healthcare” but unfortunately missed the deadline. In the meantime, the massive tumor grew so fast that within two months it reached the size of a beach ball. It was only after the tumor became so painful, she felt her only option was to call 911.

That phone call to 911 is what took her to Emory University Hospital in midtown. That’s when a doctor told her she will receive the help she needs without health insurance, finally.

Many other individuals are not so lucky. They have no health insurance for various reasons and are left without medical interventions. Some cannot afford the premiums outright, some cannot afford the co-pays/deductibles and then you have others with mental health/drug issues which hinder the process of attaining health insurance. These populations appear to be ‘not worthy’ of medical treatment in our society.

Who is worthy?

When Jesus healed the blind man, He didn’t ask the blind man if he was worthy. He didn’t ask if he had health insurance and He didn’t ask if he was going to be productive in society. Jesus only told him to “go” and “wash in the Pool of Siloam.” That’s it! He didn’t ask for money.

Jesus healed numerous individuals without asking for money. The biblical notion is to help others in any way you are able to. This is the humane way, not just a Christian point of view.

So how is it that our society reached the point of only treating human beings if they were worthy? Who decides when a person is worthy? Or better yet, ‘what’ decides when a person is worthy?

How do we reverse this ideology and treat all people as if they are worthy?