Jun 162014
Cherry Tree garden

Life is like watching a garden grow. Photo by Suat Eman/freedigitalphotos.net

Have you ever stood back and just marveled at the garden you planted with your own hands? It could be you recently planted it or it’s ready to harvest, but that one moment when you are mesmerized by the fruits of all your hard work.

It could be a vegetable garden or a flower garden, or maybe just a tree you planted out in the back yard, anything you intentionally set out to grow and the evidence finally becomes apparent.

You prepared the soil, planted the seeds or seedlings and weeded, then anticipated what it will look like in a few months. Something you created from your labor brings the sprouts of proof when they finally peek up through the soil searching for the sunlight to prosper and grow on its own. The sight of budding life gives such an excitement!

Well, when you think about it, life is like watching a garden grow in many ways. The similarities of watching a garden grow and our everyday life is uncanny. From raising a family to business ventures, the journeys are all like watching a garden grow.

The Garden Grows

We plant the seed of human life with pregnancy, nurture the child seedling and weed out all the hindrances to the growth of that child seedling. Then we watch in anticipation as that child seedling grows and matures to bring forth fruit of its own.

Or we begin our careers by preparing our sustenance either with an education or a trade. We plant the seed, learn and grow whilst weeding out all the obstacles that may be barriers to our goals. Then we anticipate our promotions and rewards from all our hard work.

Have you ever witnessed a skein of yarn with a crochet hook or knitting needle transform into something useful? How about all the edible ingredients scattered on the kitchen counter turning into a fabulous meal?

Every day we witness miniscule marvels without being aware of it. Maybe it’s time to stand back and watch the garden grow.