Nov 222014
Intentions Soul Mate

Photo by Fran Childress

A person’s intentions can give you a clue on who that person really is under the facade. Some people hide their true intentions, actually most do but eventually, their inner purposes come to the surface. Sometimes and unfortunately, you can be committed to that person only after you finally learn ‘who’ they really are.

In any budding relationship, it is believed that person has potential to be your soul mate. The first few dates went well and even possibly a very compatible relationship ensued during the first few months.

But alas, you may learn of their true intentions too late in the relationship and their intentions don’t compare to yours. This is when it will be hard to end the relationship as you are already committed. This scenario happens all too often and the break-up can be emotionally draining.

The Role of Intentions


To illustrate how easy it is to be fooled, let’s use an example of a possible car thief. Let’s say you are sitting in your car at a shopping center and you see a middle-aged woman get out of her car. She looks frazzled with her frown lines, makes eye contact with you and shrugs you off while walking into the store. After some time has passed, you see an apparent car thief walk past her car, stop and back up to check the inside of her car. He looks around before beginning to break into her car.

You automatically think you are witnessing a thief breaking into her car. You fumble to find your phone but before you can call the authorities, you see the would-be thief open the car door and pull out a poodle in distress. He lays the dog on the pavement while fanning the tiny body. He is cooling off the poodle and apparently saved the dog from heat stroke. His intentions were to save that dog, not commit a crime.

How many times have you been wrong in assuming someone’s intentions?

You were wrong in your assumptions about believing a crime was being committed like you could be wrong in assuming a potential partner’s intentions. You may think that person is out to save the world but it is possible it’s only for self-gain. On the other hand, you may be furtively impressed with criminal behavior only to be disappointed with the honorable results.

Whether you are impressed with a car thief or a dog-saver depends on your inner-most preferences. There are people who are impressed with criminal activity and others who are impressed with honorable actions. Learning both your intentions and those of a potential partner can greatly predict the success of any relationship.

To find your soul-mate, you have to be aware of your own preferences and have comparable intentions in a potential partner.