Jun 282015
Confederate flag

Confederate flag

History was not my best subject in school, so I am outside my comfort zone talking about the confederate flag but I feel I need to tell ‘my’ truth.

Being honest, I’ve learned more about the southern flag now than I did all through my school years, and I was raised in the south. Not that I was wanting to learn, but because there is a social war going on right now regarding the southern battle flag of the south known as the confederate flag. Some people find it offensive while others feel it is a ‘pride’ thing and the opinions are flying more than the flag!

Showing my ignorance, I did not know there was more than one flag during the turmoil of the Civil War. According to the news and social media sites that I patronize, I’ve been enlightened on the different flags during that time period. Yes, I did do a bit of research to validate the claims strewn on these sites. Shockingly, these claims were correct.

More about the Confederate flag

The little bit that I did know was that the confederate flag was flown and used by people from the south. If they had this flag, you knew they were from the south. I personally know of various individuals who support the confederate flag and proudly display it in various ways. And they were born and raised in the south.

Apparently, the controversy regarding the flag started with the Charleston Church murders. A deranged kid used the confederate flag on his social media site backing up his hatred for others. He then attended a church and murdered innocent people due to the color of their skin. The connection with his racist anger and the confederate flag surfaced.

Now, I see people bashing The Dukes of Hazzard’s car and the classic movie, Gone With the Wind!

Maybe I live in a bubble or choose who I befriend, or possibly both. But all the people I know who proudly display the flag are not racist. Therefore, nobody I know personally flies the confederate flag to show racism.  This is my truth. They only fly the confederate battle flag to show their pride in their southern heritage. They mean no harm in their ‘pride’ capers.

The only times, and this is no exaggeration, the only times I saw a connection with the confederate flag and racism was on the news depicting a deranged, racist, odd individual. And even then it was maybe a handful of times, if that. These odd people would be racist with or without the flag. I believe they use the flag to intimidate, as the gun in their hands. Actually, the gun is more intimidating than the flag displayed in the background.

This is MY truth. I do not see racism in my social circle who fly the confederate flag. I see southern pride.