Nov 282015


trivial prayers

Trivial prayers can be answered by God.

Ever wonder if your trivial prayers are too insignificant to God? Are you hesitant to ask for something you feel isn’t really that important? Maybe you want to win some money in a contest, or just have your new cookie recipe turn out since you will be serving it to company.

Most people feel ‘stupid’ when they ask God for the small things, are you one of them? We are told God does miracles in all things, large and small but how ‘small’ is small?

You may think something is trivial and it very well may be, but God knows when to intervene in trivial matters. That little, insignificant ‘something’ just may be important to you or to someone else. God knows this, so when you ask with good intentions, whether it will bring you peace and joy or be useful to His divine plan, He will answer your prayer.

It is possible the reason some of your prayers are not answered is because of your inner-most intentions. Do you want to win that contest money to boast or bring forth covetousness? What is that money going to do for your spiritual well-being? Will you use it for devious, covert purposes? Will it bring you closer to God or will it take you further apart from Him?

Additionally, do you want to impress your company with your culinary skills so you ask God to let your cookies look ornate and be appetizing? Alas, the ulterior motive behind the prayer is not to ‘feed the hungry’ but to gain others’ approval.

You have to be aware of the reasons why you pray for trivial things. This entails a self-awareness that many individuals lack. They cannot admit to their own selfishness and imperfections resulting in prayers that are not righteous. Thus, those types of prayer requests may not be answered.

If your trivial prayer will bring you closer to Him or if it will serve His will, that little trifle matter is worth it.

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